Cars with Crash control

Automobile giant Nissan are working on a system that will push against the manual force to accelerate the car. They have also developed a crash-free prototype that makes use of sensors to detect nearby vehicles and objects. The sensors embedded along the perimeter of the car immediately detect a crash situation and bring the vehicle to a halt by activating the brakes and also turn on an alarm in the process. The loop back technology will prevent the cars from swerving off its lane and always maintain a safe margin of distance with the car moving infront of our car. The technology is expected to bring down the number of accidents to almost half by the year 2015. The "eco-pedal" system senses the speed at which pressure is applied on the pedal by the driver and if it detects a sudden increase in velocity the gas pedal automatically pushes upward to alert the driver exactly what he was doing. Nissan have promised that all their future cars will be fuel efficient by 5-10% than the previous models. The system also watches over the rate of acceleration and the amount of fuel combustion reporting it to the driver via a special meter on the dashboard.


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