While Information Technology is growing on one side Nanotechnology has also joined the party developing numerous marketable products. Nanotechnology involves operating on matter in the atomic and molecular scale to develop better products. Nano-foods are the latest addition to the world of nano-products which have triggered many speculations. People working on nanotechnology say that they can improve the flavour and nutritional value of food. These modified products have created doubts in the minds of consumers. Parents are not willing to feed their children with genetically engineered or cloned food items. In America nearly 69% of people have expressed their concern regarding cloned meat. It is still not clear in the nano world about how these nano-products will behave under different conditions. In US consumer advocates are demanding the companies to put a nano tag on the edible nano-foods in the market. Nanotechnology is still in its early days and the risk factors are not lucid yet.

Nano-products that have reached the market include lightweight tennis rackets and bicycles, nanoceuticals, nanotea and many more modified versions of products. People should be made aware of what they are consuming and at the same time the technology must be allowed to advance.


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