Green is gone

Fifteen years before I came to T.Nagar after shifting from my house in Triplicane. Life has changed a lot along with the topography. My street had several trees and small plants all along the way. I used to play in a little ground opposite to my flat when I was a kid. There were many vacant lands with trees and green vegetation. Just gazing out from my balcony was a pleasant experience and lots of coconut trees were alluring to the sight. I also had a few plants grown on pots in my veranda. Today not a tinge of green is visible. Every little piece of land has buildings constructed over it. The playground was turned in to an apartment. The coconut trees have vanished without a trace and all the roadside plants have become extinct. We don't breathe healthy air anymore and there is no chance of the air getting pure again. All little kids in my street stay indoors all day with no place for them to play and enjoy. There are buildings everywhere with the ground barely visible. City life is nothing more than disgraceful.


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