iphones in India

Apple fans in the country have a lot to cheer with the official release of Apple iphones in India. But the pricing is considered as very high when compared with other countries. The 8GB model is being sold for Rs31,000 and the 16GB model for Rs36,100. Definitely it is for the upper middle class and the rich. But they say in other countries the initial price is lower but the subscriber signs a contract with the company and the user pays during the contract period. Here no such system is in place and that is the reason for such high pricing. Airtel and Vodafone are the two companies currently distributing iphones in India. In the future if the subscriber wishes to change the service provider he has to spend Rs.2000 to unlock the phone. Despite the high pricing of the phones the demand is fairly good and the companies are not complaining. The user will not be able to use all the features in the iphone because Indian mobile networks are not compatible with 3G standard phones. You can get your iphone from foreign sources but buying in India from Airtel and Vodafone is considered safe for reasons concerned with warranty and service.


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