Banzai - Are you ready

Everyone would have known the famous TV show Banzai and now it is available as a game. A minimum of two players are required to play the game but it always thrilling to play with many more in a party atmosphere. Banzai is one of the most exciting games I have come across because you may never know what your fate is. The game goes like this. You will be shown some of the craziest video stunts from the show and you will be asked to bet on the outcome of the stunt in terms of small plastic sushi pieces. But remember that you have to use only your chopsticks to fill the community bowl. So if you are not familiar with chopsticks you have to practice it because you have to be quick. The person who wins all the sushi is the winner.

The interesting nature of the game is that all the stunts are bizarre and you cannot apply logic to predict their outcome. When I played Tako-gotchi the fun was boundless and it made me go crazy for a while. My whole family enjoyed playing Banzai and we realized the bond between us thanks to Banzai. ScreenLife Games have developed this wacky game and it is available for purchase online. For more details you can check out Tako's Myspace page. You can download wallpapers and other goodies from the Banzai website.


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