My ill phone

I bought my Nokia 6600 3years ago and it was a dazzling beauty then. The phone had every feature in it and even today it lacks only the navigational feature that isolates it from other high end phones. After all these years of working relentless for me and also taking in all the physical forces the phone has lost its energy. I couldn't open the gallery and access my images, videos or sound files. Fortunately I can send sms and make calls to others from my phone. All other features have broken down. I'm still skeptical whether it is a hardware problem or a software problem. I don't know whether I will get over this problem by updating the software but I'm not willing to throw it away. Instead I'm thinking about buying a new phone maybe 3G enabled and also get my 6600 overhauled from Nokia. Every mobile phone loses its sheen after a period of about 6months and we start to behave differently with our phone. But I still remember how helpful my phone was and it had always been a good friend to me. Now it looks messy and impotent but still has life in it. Maybe that is how I will look in my old age too. Anyway I'm going to get it repaired and as they say there is always hope for future.


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