The Complete Multimedia Converter Software

Today multimedia files come in different formats and sometimes it is very confusing to make a decision. Many of us prefer to watch videos and hear music only in our favorite formats. Some times compatibility issues can hinder audio and video formats. Therefore it is always good to keep a converter software with us to listen to our audio and video files in our preferred format. But often we will get converters specific for two different formats only which is not satisfactory. Blaze Media Pro have developed a powerful all-in-one audio and video converter software which can do conversion, ripping, editing, recording, burning, playback and much more operations in an instant. You can also edit your videos and play with the audio and images fusing them with the videos. The AVI converter is very much user-friendly and faster than any other software in the market. The software has many more exciting features to explore and you just can't afford to miss it.


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