Unleash your wacky side

Life has presented us with so many opportunities to laugh and stay happy. Then why not share them with others and double your happiness? Are You Normal or Nuts? First answer this question to yourself and you will get a better answer from your heart. All of us have a funny face which we may not want to display in public. Reader's Digest would love to learn about your crazy experiences in life. But before that read this article Are You Normal or Nuts? Now you know that everyone has a story to say. Ensure that you comment on the quirks after laughing out loud. But it won't be a bad idea if you can post some of your own wits. Some of them might not have worked for you in the past but you will be recognized here. Reader's Digest Laughs will bring out your nuttiness and make you giggle for long. It is important that you forget your shyness and let your hair down. I have tried so many times not to laugh infront of elders but failed often. Whatever the situation I will never let my originality fade away. Now I'm eager to know about your quirks and don't forget to post it.


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