The controversial green monkey

Everyone knows about the crazy frog but do you know about a crucified green frog? German artist Kippenberger carved a wooden sculpture in 1990 called as 'Zuerst die Fuesse'(Feet First). It depicts a green color frog that is nailed to a wooden cross just like the way Chris was crucified. The frog holds a beer mug in one hand and an egg in the other with its green tongue hanging out. This has sparked anger among the Catholics and Pope Benedict condemned it as blasphemous. The sculpture is on display at London and Venice. Austrian Museum officials claim that it is a self-portrait depicting human angst. People like Franz Pahl have shown severe opposition to the art work. Vatican has protested saying that it hurts the religious sentiments of Christians. Mow the opposition has gathered momentum and warrant immediate disposal of the sculpture. Ar lovers argue that art sees no boundaries and there should be no restrictions on freedom of expression.


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