Remove skin wrinkles

After a lot of research science has shown the green flag for certain types of treatments for removing the wrinkles in our skin. Wrinkles on the skin are part of the natural aging process but some people develop premature wrinkles at an early stage. Three anti-aging treatments which are proven successful are

1. Retinol application on the affected areas
2. Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing
3. Injection of hyaluronic acid

All of these methods depend on the same underlying principle of interaction of collagen with the skin cells. Any injury to the skin's connective tissue called dermal collagen is the primary cause of skin wrinkles. Fibroblasts are the connective cells that secrete collagen which is a complex group of polysaccharides and proteins. But as you grow old due to the exposure to sunlight the fibroblasts are inhibited from collagen production. The exposed parts of our body like face, arms and neck are affected more than the hidden parts. Also white skinned people with less melanin are more vulnerable then dark skinned people. Retinol is considered as the best method of treatment for wrinkles. Retinol helps in generating new collagen thereby nourishing the skin tissues. But in general it is always good to shield our skin from harmful UV light in order to stay away from wrinkles.


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