Subramaniapuram Film Review

Watching this movie yesterday one scene that is still lingering in my heart is when the hero Jai dies being betrayed by his own lover. The execution of the scene is fabulous and brings a sorrowful shock in the face of the audience. The movie is about the life of 5 friends who lived in harmony but fate writes a cruel story on them. Two friends Azhagar(Jai) and Paraman(Sasi) are jobless, reckless and fearless setting the streets of Madurai on fire. The film starts with a mysterious murder in 2008 and immediately shifts to 1980 in Madurai. Azhagar and Thulasi(Swathi) fall in love with each other but Thulasi's Uncle and Father utilize the innocence of Azhagar and Paraman for their own political gains. They end up behind the bars in jail for performing a murder but there is no one to save them. A co-prisoner helps them to get bail but later wants them to reciprocate by another murder. This leads to a series of murders and they swear to avenge the heroine's family for their plight. Unfortunately Thulasi falls prey to the sly words of his uncle and betrays her own lover who gets murdered. Paraman avenges for his friend's murder by stabbing Thulasi's uncle and owes to kill her entire family. But sadly he also gets assassinated due to a disloyal act by Kasi(Ganja Karuppu) who is one among the 5 friends. He too gets his punishment in the climax.

The eighties is only used as a crowd puller and only glimpses of real components of the eighties are good otherwise it is very flat. The music is very good though not outstanding but it fuses well with the movie. The hero Jai's speech doesn't seem like the real Madurai slang. The movie fails to rise above a certain level but certainly gives a different flavor and color than the usual banal tamil movies. I would rate this movie 3.4 out of 5 on a high scoring day.


vinz-Q8 said...

I have always watched the song from this movie in exitement....i love the way the songs are picturised.....especially the song "Kangal Irandal" The actor always keep shaking his head heading and showing his front row

this song sequence stand odd from all the tamil songs i see......

Menon said...

It is a wonderful film, it is one of the film which shows that how youngsters are going to the wrong ways and it also shows that madness of love.

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