Cricket Cup game in Nokia

I bought a Nokia 1650 model six months ago for my mother. She is finding it difficult to handle mobile phone so I bought her this cheap model phones with less features. During my leisure time I used to try out the games available in that phone. It had three games namely Beach Rally, Cricket Cup and the Snake Xenzia. Being a cricket fanatic I developed some interest in the cricket cup game. I also play Cricket 2008 by EA Sports in my computer and now I'm an expert in that. But this little game in the mobile phone is bothering me for quite some time now. I always play any game in the hard level except for the first few days. This cricket cup game is only about batting and I play only Test matches in the hard level only. Surprisingly I have never won a game yet. The system always scores in the range of 50-120 runs in any innings. But I have never managed to score more than 100 runs in an innings. I never get my timing right and most of my shots end up being caught. Whenever a ball is directed towards the stumps there is 90% probability that I get bowled. It is very frustrating to get all out for a paltry score everytime. Only a few times I have come closer to the target. There is some knack in playing any game and I have just not learned it here. But I think I'll learn with time and overcome the challenge soon. I'm not going to let this bug me for long.


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same with me

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this blog is quite old! however i would like to share my experience as well. Since my shiny smartphone went down for unknown reason, I am using a friend's Nokia 1650 phone for time being. For 10 over inning, i mostly end-up within 40 runs. But my highest score is 120 (my only score above 100. usually, 25% time i touch score of 50, otherwise fall between 18 - 40. I had similar problems regarding catch out & bowled. But i have noticed certain patterns in this game, and based on my experience i can say, batsman's form is very imp., I would like to leave very short length balls outside of the stumps & I never leave good & full length ball which is directed around stumps. Speed variation in balling, seam movement, throw from a fielder etc. features are carefully designed by the developer. I dont know who is he but I would like to congratulate him for making challenging game.

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