Hi Honey!

Traditionally honey is considered one of the best gifts of nature to mankind. I have learned in my school days that honey purifies our blood. The Egyptians treated honey as a medicine. The Greeks, Romans, Germans, Chinese and many more civilizations have recommended honey for cough, sinus and even insomnia. Scientists believe that honey has anti-bacterial properties and it is a powerful disinfectant. Honey accelerates the healing process keeping the wound germ-free and can supplement antibiotics perfectly. Bacteria crumble by the touch of honey. Honey is also used for treating diarrhea. Honey can also cure a sore throat and it can be mixed with ginger juice or lemon for healthy vocals. Honey also gives you a relaxing experience helping you to sleep comfortably. So don't forget to take at least a teaspoon full of honey everyday. The next you call your loved ones as honey! you know the importance of the word for you.


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