Taste of Martian water

As we all know water is supposed to be the elixir of life on earth and the NASA scientists have confirmed the presence of real water in Mars. The lead Scientist for the Thermal and Evolved-Gas Analyzer instrument on Phoenix averred that we have water on Mars. For the first time ever the water has been touched and tasted. The Mars Odyssey orbiter had earlier detected water ice during its observations but it failed to find any real water. NASA is planning to extend the mission by spending an additional $2 million. The Phoenix landed in May on Mars over an ice sheet and a robotic arm was used to dig in to it. The arm presented a soil sample from which water was identified initially. They are planning to dig at two more places forming trenches hailed as "cupboard" and "neverland". Now that water has been discovered the next step would be the search for life on Mars. The search will continue to find an inhabited region on Mars if at all one exists. The Martian soil was more alkaline integrating several minerals and other elements. The water also tasted good.


anthropositor said...

My deep interest in both water and Mars extends back more than half a century. I was quite interested in information from the Phoenix mission that might shed some light on the pH, and the ratio of H2O to D2O. I have been disappointed that such information is not forthcoming.

I guess I will have to content myself, for the moment, with wondering what is meant by the "taste of Martian water."

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