How to Password protect your Word files

I'm writing this post for those who doesn't know about this facility in MS-WORD. Word files often contain confidential information and they should be kept secure. Some of us will store personal information in a Word file and we may not want others to intrude in our privacy. But despite this option provided by Word I have seen files with no password protection in my school, college and many offices.

To password protect your word file first select

File -> Save as ->

Then in the pop-up window select the Tools menu. From the dropdown list select security options.

Tools -> Security Options

Now you will find the different options to password protect your word files. You will be asked to enter two types of passwords. One for opening your document and another password to give access to the user to make changes to the document. You can also chose your Word files to be read-only by checking the small box available. There are advanced options available to select the encryption method or algorithm you need and also the preferable encryption key size necessary for you. This password protection utility is available for spreadsheets as well as powerpoint presentations. One drawback I found while using this function is that it is possible to delete the Word file even if it is password protected. So some mischievous guys may delete it if they are frustrated unable to open it. So you may think about back-up for your most important files elsewhere.


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