Voice Authentication

In India whenever you call a bank or a credit card company from your mobile phone an interactive voice response (IVR) system will shower you with a pool of questions for validation of your identity. It takes a lot of time and it is very frustrating to go through the process everytime. Now the banks are willing to take the step forward by introducing the Voice Authentication system in the near future. The system is under the final stages of testing and is expected to hit the market soon. A US based company Nuance Communications and a Chennai based company LatticeBridge Infotech have come together on this project.

In this new system the user will be asked to speak out his identification number once and also to repeat a sample sentence three times. The system will analyze your voice and conclude whether you are the authentic person before providing access to you. The company claims that the system is analogous to thumb impression matching and iris recognition systems in terms of accuracy. Even if there is some problem with your voice when you have a sore throat the system will revert back to the traditional IVR way of authentication. The system will also take into consideration the normal aging process in humans by adapting itself provided you check in atleast once a year. It also has the capability to recognize and adjust to the regional slang of the people in India. The system is also believed to be inherited by DTH and Digital Cable TV companies for managing pay-per-view requests from subscribers.


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